Small House Plan With Home Grown Concept

As we know, the simple, fast and smart way to design is adapted from existing design and then modify it. When we will build a small house plan, we can do this principle. For example, we can use floor plan design on the first picture. This house has dimension 874 square feet. It has one great room, three bedrooms, two bathroom, one kitchen, one booth and one walk in closet. All of bathrooms are located outside bedroom. One bedroom is on first floor and two bedrooms are on second floor. This floor plan design is good. It’s looked tidy and concise. It can be modified if necessary to fit with our requirement. For example we can move bedroom on first floor on right direction, so right side of bedroom can be in line with great room and then it can be bigger into back side.

Small House Plan

It can create new room on left side, so booth room can be bigger. Now, if we want, this booth can be changed become laundry room. It’s good idea. Other idea, position bedroom on first floor is moved on kitchen position and kitchen is moved on bedroom position. Here by this modification, bathroom can be placed inside bedroom. It can be master bedroom. Walk in closet on second floor can be functioned as storage room if we need more space for storing place. This small house plan is flexible to be modified, but this modification must be fit with the real place where this house will be built and fit with our need.

Small House Design

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Actually this small house plan is designed for cottage and wood become dominating material here. We can change it by other material for better construction. We can build this house with brick. Before starting to build this house, we must consider first, someday on future time, what will we do with this house? Will we renovate or add new room or new building? If we will only renovate without adding new building, this house building can be started, but if we have plan to add new building later, we must adapt home grown concept.

Small Bungalow House Plan

On this home grown concept, we must consider construction strength for third floor building, to prevent if someday we have plan to build new loft. Or we can prepare empty space around this house, to prepare if someday we will build new room on left side, right side or back side. Some possibilities must be anticipated from now. But, because this house comes with loft, so big possibility, we will develop this house later on other side, not by adding new loft.

This small house plan can realized become beautiful house by building beautiful exterior. As we know, from the same floor plan can be built many various house architecture style. It will not change this floor plan. We can explore ideas to find good exterior house by surfing on internet. There are a lot of beautiful houses can give us inspiration.

Small House Plan With Home Grown Concept: Small House PlanSmall House Plan With Home Grown Concept: Small House DesignSmall House Plan With Home Grown Concept: Small Bungalow House Plan

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