Smart Way For Designing One Bedroom Home Plans

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A small home can be build with only one living room, one bedroom and one kitchen. This small home is right choice for young couple without kids. Floor plan for this small home is simple, but it’s better if we consider some possibilities on next future. One day this young couple will have kids, so this small home must be designed with grow home concept. So when they will add room, they will not meet problem. For example to prepare these one bedroom home plans, they can prepare strong foundation and construction for two floor tier house. So, when they get kids and they must add bedroom for these kids, they can build rooms on second floor without difficulty. This construction is strong enough later for developing new floor.

One Bedroom Home Plans

Other great one bedroom home plans except preparing strong construction is preparing free land on backyard. So, when they will add new room without building second floor tier, they can build on their backyard. It’s good alternative. Besides that, building new room on backyard will not change front side of home. To do this, when building column and sloof, give exceed iron rod on sloof. This exceed iron rod on sloof will be needed when they will build new building on backyard, so this new building will be part of the old building. It’s not separate building anymore.  The new iron rod from new sloof will be incorporated with iron rod from old sloof.

One Bedroom House Plans

It’s better when designing one bedroom home plans, they prepare for these two possibilities, whether they will build new room on second floor tier or they will build on backyard, because they will not know what will happen on future. For preparing new room on second floor tier, iron choosing for column must be chosen with larger diameter than iron for single floor tier house. Larger diameter means stronger.  All of iron from columns and sloofs that it has relationship with second floor tier must be prepared with adequate diameter. Avoid this part will affect serious risk when they will add new building on second floor tier.

One Bedroom Cabin Plans

Besides this stronger construction factor, house architecture style is other factor that it must be consider. A grow house concept must pay attention on this possibility. As we know trend will come and go. There are many house architecture style. They must choose certain house architecture that it will withstand for many years later. Maybe, classic style will  withstand for long time again. We are not sure, which style will withstand on next future. It’s very difficult to predict future. But try to get some information to predict this possibility.  It’s better to avoid difficult house architecture style. A house style with so many decorations and ornaments on exterior side is not fit for young couple. When they will add new building, it’s not easy to build new building with this similar style.

Smart Way For Designing One Bedroom Home Plans: One Bedroom Home PlansSmart Way For Designing One Bedroom Home Plans: One Bedroom Home PlansSmart Way For Designing One Bedroom Home Plans: One Bedroom House PlansSmart Way For Designing One Bedroom Home Plans: One Bedroom Cabin Plans

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