Some Attractive 130 Square Feet Room Ideas

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As we know 130 square feet is not big number. It’s just for about 12 square meter. What can we do with this limited space? This space can be build become living room, bedroom, family room, kitchen, basement, garage, patio, garden on roof, koi fish ponds and so many ideas again. Wow, we can get many ideas from 130 square feet. But can this space for building a home? The answer is Yes. We can build small house or tiny house on this 130 square feet land. It’s amazing. In limited space we can create a house. What kind a house we can create for this limited space. So many house architecture style we can develop on this 130 square feet, such as classic and modern house architecture. For building a house in this limited space, we can build from wood as the main material for classic and tiny house. It will be beautiful rustic house. And cement, sand, stone, iron for modern house style.

130 Square Feet

Now, let’s explore idea how to create beautiful living room in 130 square feet. Arrange all of living room furniture there in cluster arrangement. Choose living room furniture in unity theme. Sofa arrangement in L shape or opposite position with living room glass table is good. This glass table can be in circle or rectangle shape. Within this glass table can be completed with racks. We can put anything here. Near sofa, we can put small table or cabinet. Put table lamp and handmade wooden toys here. On the living room wall, we can decorate with modern wall clock or painting picture with modern frame style. And in the living room corner, we can put modern table console there. Beautiful flower in glass pot will beautify this table console.

130 Square Feet Apartment

That’s living room example. But, how can we create pleasant family room with this 130 square feet size?  Let’s started decorating this family room. Put TV table with big TV screen near the wall. Choose TV table with some racks here where we can store our DVD collections here. Put studio day sofa in front of this TV. We can watching this TV from this studio day sofa. Near window, build window seat cushion with beautiful mattress and pillow cover. It will pleasant place for reading book or relaxing by enjoying outdoor view. In this family room, we can also create a place for drinking coffee. We can invite our friends here. A modern square wooden centre table is the right choice for this room. Under this coffee table, we can place soft rugs or carpet fro sitting down when drinking coffee. Some people said that it’s more delicious drinking coffee without chairs.

130 Square Feet Tiny House

Apartment with 130 square feet can be comfortable place too as long as we can create tidy and concise apartment furniture and appliances arrangement. This apartment room is perfect place for single bedroom. This room can be completed with small kitchen. As long as we can arrange all this apartment furniture and appliance, this apartment will have living room, bedroom and small kitchen. Between living room and bedroom can be separated or divided with wood partition. Install only needed apartment furniture and appliance here and avoid from crowded sight. Apartment furniture in beige color is good for this apartment. Give free space on this limited space. These beige color and free space will make this apartment is felt loose. Loose means more comfortable.

Some Attractive 130 Square Feet Room Ideas: 130 Square FeetSome Attractive 130 Square Feet Room Ideas: 130 Square Feet ApartmentSome Attractive 130 Square Feet Room Ideas: 130 Square Feet Tiny House

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