Strategy Small Home Floor Plan For Young Couple

Usually when a young couple want to have a home, whether they buy or build, they decide a small home. It can be understood, because they are still little family. Big house is not fit for them. It’s not balance with amount of people that will stay there. Small home is fit for them, besides that it can save money to buy or build small home. But what is the right small home floor plan for them? They must consider several considerations. The right plan today maybe will not right later. They must think on floor plan strategy and construction. These two factors have relationship with the next development of this home.

Small Home Floor Plan

Because now they are still little family, they can decide small home with simple room arrangement. At first time, they can plan two bedroom, one living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. Someday they will get kids. It means this home must be added with new room or building. Two bedroom, one big bedroom for parent, and one bedroom for kids are enough for now. This bedroom for kids can be used for two kids. They can choose twin size bed or two bed here. But later, when these kids grow up or there are new family member again, this home will not able for accommodating these people. Building new rooms are a must. So, this small home floor plan must adapt home grown concept.

Small Home Plans

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Later this home development can be on up or side direction. No matter whether this development on up or side direction, this home need strong construction. Construction for home grown must be better than other home without development plan later. When planning small home floor plan, on several points, especially on the places where new rooms or building will be built, it must be prepared with strong construction and foundation. If they plan to develop this home on up direction or by building a loft, this home foundation must be dig with depth deeper than home without loft. Besides that iron rods choosing as home skeleton must be replaced with stronger and bigger type.

Small Mobile Home Floor Plans

Columns and sloofs must be considered well. It will play important role later. If this home will be added by loft. It’s better if all of iron rods for all of columns and sloofs are replaced with the right size. Except, if development on side direction, such as left, right and back. They can use standard size iron rods, because there are not additionally load on this home. On the edges on every column and sloofs, it must be there are residual iron rods cutting. When they will build new rooms, this residual iron rods cutting will be connected with new column or sloofs. By connecting this iron rods, this home construction will be better and have good strength. So, the strategy small home floor plan for young couple is by preparing for future using of this home.

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