The Right Small House Floor Plan For Small Family

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For several reasons, people want to build small house. Usually this reason is caused by they are small family, so they don’t need big house now. Besides that, building or buy big house will spend a lot of money more than small house. For young couple or small family, small house is the favorite choice. Before they build or buy small house, it’s better if they understand first a good small house floor plan concept. No small house will not be comfortable house. Here sample good small house  floor plan. On this house, we can see one master bedroom, two bedroom, two bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one walk in closet room and one room for laundry room.

Small House Floor Plan

Layout at above picture is simple but it’s very good. It’s tidy and concise. Here we can make some modifications, for example we can add partition to separate between living room and kitchen. We can place here wood partition or we can build permanent wall as divider. Depended on the shape of our land, we can rearrange this small house floor plan, by replacing two bedroom behind kitchen. Both of first and second arrangements are good. But, if our kids will not like disturbed when there are guests on living room, building these two bedrooms behind kitchen is good alternative. Our kids can go to their bedroom through back door.

Small Home Plans

If we think this living room is too big, we can reduce width and move kitchen position into backward. It will create new area. This area can be used for family room. It’s also good idea. On this family room, we can put TV screen on TV table. Our kids will like this idea. If we replace these two bedrooms behind kitchen position, we can then build several windows on left side living room. Here we can create window cushion seat. Good place for reading a book or enjoy outdoor view.  This small house floor plan is flexible. We can rearrange and modify to fit with our need. It’s better if we ask our kids to discuss to explore other great ideas.

Small House Plans

From this floor plan we have flexibility again to choose house architecture style. With the same layout, many house architecture style can be applied. But, if we will save money, simple classic or modern style are good choice. If we have plan that someday we will add new room on loft, we must adapt home grown concept. It means, such as a plant, this house will be bigger someday. To apply it, we must prepare strong construction first, so when someday we will add new room on loft, this construction is ready.

The Right Small House Floor Plan For Small Family: Small House Floor PlanThe Right Small House Floor Plan For Small Family: Small Home PlansThe Right Small House Floor Plan For Small Family: Small House Plan

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