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Since Jay Shafer create tiny house concept, this house development become fast. New consciousness about the importance of living in eco friendly become popular. All information about this house can easily be found on many small house blog. This tiny house is good alternative for several reasons. Portable house become most popular tiny house. This house type can be moved anywhere. People who own house is interested to have this house for traveling. When they feel bored with their house atmosphere or bored with their neighbor and house view, they just bring this portable house. Drive car on the street, when they meet pleasant place, they stop to stay there for several times. They can move again to another place if bored with first place. Life become very fun.

Small House Blog

Tiny house is also good solution for people who don’t own a house. Usually people when they will build a house, they must first have land or they must buy land. Without land, this house is impossible built. This tiny house is the answer of this problem. We are not necessary to have land first to have a tiny house. This house can be placed anywhere where we like. It’s living with freedom sensation. Wherever we go, this house can be brought. On this tiny house, people can do activity such as on common house. Sleeping, take a bath, cooking, reading a book, watching TV and so on can be done here. Besides that living here is more healthy for emotion and mind. Why? It’s living in simplification. Our emotion and mind will not confuse with all of confusing problem such as living on city. Here we can free our mind and emotion from that situation. It’s more healthy, because people usually choose place with natural atmosphere to stay with this tiny house. Information about living in tiny house can be found in small house blog.

Tiny House Sale

A small house blog usually provide all of needs to live in this house. They provide book, sell tiny house and make workshop. A lot people are interested to follow this workshop. No matter, they are rich or poor, tiny house meet them. For rich people, tiny house give them new experience living in different way. For poor people with less money, this tiny house is their solution to get a house. As we know the price to buy a house or build  a house is expensive. And tiny house come with affordable price, so who will refuse.

Buy Tiny House

If on conventional house we must pay house building and land when we buy a house. Here on tiny house, we are not necessary to buy land. We just pay this house building. Land is not necessary to be paid, because this house can be placed anywhere. It can save a lot of money to buy this tiny house while we don’t have enough budget to buy permanent house.

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The Rise Of Small House Blog: Small House BlogThe Rise Of Small House Blog: Tiny House SaleThe Rise Of Small House Blog: Buy Tiny House

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