The Tiny House Movement Day By Day

Tiny house become popular day by day. It offers new experience for people to live their life that they never get on daily living. As Jay Shafer said, market demand for tiny house experience positive movement. After several years, tiny house become alternative house for some people. Some reasons behind the tiny house movement phenomenon are tiny house offers simply living, healthy environment, low price to buy a house, more happiness and less maintenance. Starting from the first factor, simply living, as we know tiny house is a house with very small (tiny) size. On this limited space, we can not put a lot of furniture, appliances and other stuffs here. Wherever this tiny house is brought, we just bring less stuffs.

The Tiny House Movement

With these less stuffs, it forces us to live in simplification. Here there are not big TV screen, game online, super computer, fax, billiard table and many other modern stuffs. Living in tiny house for us to leave all of things. So, when we stay on tiny house, our activities are simple: wake up on the morning, breakfast, doing simple activity, dinner and sleeping. There are not busy such as living on the city. Living in tiny house make us close to nature, because usually people choose to stay on natural environment, such as pasture, under the hill, rustic region and so on. The tiny house movement is now become social phenomenon, where people start to feel bored with modern lifestyle.

Living Tiny House

The tiny house movement is also offer healthy living because people tend to choose staying on natural place. This place is less pollution than city. It’s still natural with fresh air and water. Living in place such as this make us more healthy. As we know, on the city there are a lot of pollutions, such as smoke, dust, chemical and so on. Living in natural environment make us free from all of these. Here there are not industry, factory and so on. Everything is run in natural way.

Small House Movement

Other factor that make people like to buy tiny house, because this tiny house price, both of buy tiny house plan and then build by our self or buy ready made tiny house are less cheap than buy conventional house. For people with limited budget, tiny house is good alternative when they want to buy a house. Living in tiny house is also make us more happiness. Why? Because there are not a lot of problem or business we think here. Every day is passed with simple activity.

Beside that, this tiny house is less maintenance. We only need water, broom and mop to clean it. Because there are not a lot of furniture, appliances and other stuffs here, it make us more easy to handle all of things. We will not feel confuse to thing electric payment monthly and other regular bill. So, if you want to feel freedom, tiny house is yours.

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The Tiny House Movement Day By Day: The Tiny House MovementThe Tiny House Movement Day By Day: Living Tiny HouseThe Tiny House Movement Day By Day: Small House Movement

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