Tiny Cabin And Tiny House: Which Is Better?

Tiny cabin can be good alternative for tiny house. This cabin comes in small size such as tiny house. What is different between these two houses? On tiny house, we can find living room, bathroom and kitchen. We will not the same things on cabin. Usually cabin is designed simpler than tiny house. If tiny house is designed as home alternative, but in small size. It means some functions of home still we can find here. Cabin is designed for a rest place. Usually there are only bedroom and bathroom here. Some other cabin have bedroom only inside room. Because there’s less rooms on cabin, so cabin will felt more loose than tiny house. If we are interested to have cabin, we can find tiny cabin for sale on the store. There are various design and style there.

Tiny Cabin For Sale

Some tiny cabin for sale designs have modern and futurist shape, such as on the last picture. This tiny cabin is simple but modern with curvature shape on ceiling. It’s looked very unique. It will be attractive tiny cabin if we place it on backyard. All of body from wood and for fiberglass. This fiberglass existing make this tiny cabin room become bright when day time. A glass door give modern touch on this tiny cabin. We can add curtain on this door. When night come, this curtain can cover this door. Blurry fiberglass is right choice. This fiberglass can passing light, but people from outside can not see inside this cabin.

Tiny Cabin Kits

If we look for strong tiny cabin for sale, we can choose tiny cabin from log. Cabin that is built from log has construction stronger than wood sheet. This cabin has durability more than other cabin. Similar with other common cabin, this log cabin has less rooms. Some cabin has bedroom and bathroom, and other cabin only has bedroom. To relax here, we can place small TV screen. As electric power source, we can use battery, generator, solar system device or electric power from the main home. This log cabin has classic style with dark brown color.

Small Backyard Cabin

If we like tiny house for traveling, we can also use cabin. On the store there are portable tiny cabin. A s tiny house, this cabin comes in tiny size with wheel. We can attract this cabin by truck or car. It has the same function with tiny house .If on tiny house there are several rooms, on this tiny cabin there’s only bedroom. Tiny cabin is cheaper than tiny house.

Best suggestion, if we look for tiny house than it has function as common home, such as for sleeping, cooking and taking a bath, tiny house is good choice. But, if we look for mini house with simple room interior and less budget, tiny cabin can be good alternative. We can take a rest and relaxing here.

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Tiny Cabin And Tiny House: Which Is Better?: Tiny Cabin For SaleTiny Cabin And Tiny House: Which Is Better?: Tiny Cabin KitsTiny Cabin And Tiny House: Which Is Better?: Small Backyard Cabin

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