Tiny Homes on Wheels Unique Design

Tiny homes on wheels can be an answer for the people who have high mobility, who have to cross the interstate highway. This is probably uncommon for most people, but with this not-so-new-idea perhaps you can consider the uniqueness and the functions of the tiny homes on wheels. There are many home styles on wheels. You can simply find cottage, box bungalow, and house to go. With wheels attached just like caravan (but slightly smaller), the traditional proportioning and archetypal form of tiny house on wheels are designed to be portable and movable. Generally speaking, this tiny house on wheels can be sited anywhere especially when you park your travel trailer. Tiny homes on wheels are designed to be inexpensive, practical, and can accommodate your feeling just like in your own home.

house on wheels

Tiny homes on wheels like box bungalow is affordable and user-friendly. You do not need any permit to put this kind of building less than 120 square feet on your property. For information, you can buy plans to build it yourself, order a kit, or you can purchase it ready-made. You can arrange the interior based on your imaginations. Whether you want to add a guest bedroom, work studio, office, or a cabin, it is up to you. Tiny homes on wheels are designed to be eco-friendly with natural organic materials.

house on wheels

While the tiny homes on wheels as cottage are specially designed as main house or guest house. Usually it has optional extra bedroom at the back. The tiny cottages on wheels have to be built on site since some companies cannot assembly and deliver it to you. You need contractor to work with you. After that, you can add your favorite furnishing and bring it along anywhere you go traveling. It is  easy and will not take up large spaces.

home on wheels


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Tiny Homes on Wheels Unique Design: tiny homes on wheelsTiny Homes on Wheels Unique Design: tiny house on wheelsTiny Homes on Wheels Unique Design: small house on wheels

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