Tiny House Construction Materials And Parts

As we know we can buy tiny house plan or we can buy ready made tiny house. If we want to save money and we want to learn to build tiny house from the start, buy tiny house plan is good choice. But if we don’t have time for building it, buy ready made tiny house is fast way to have this dream tiny house. Most of tiny house construction are built from wood, except wheel and its iron skeleton. There are several important parts of this tiny house construction that we must understand if we will determine to build this tiny house. Here are the important parts: subfloor framing, subfloor sheathing, wall framing, wall sheathing, roof framing, strapping, roof sheathing, house wraps, window, door, roofing, exterior siding, plumbing, electrical, interior insulation, interior siding and trim and flooring.

Tiny House Construction

All of above parts one by one are assembled to form complete tiny house. Doing tiny house framing is the first step task and then finished by flooring. Wood is vital materials. High quality wood will can create tiny house with long durability. Solid hard wood is perfect choice. When we will build tiny house, we must consider that this tiny house materials must be withstand with temperature changing. As we know, portable tiny house is often brought from one place into another place and then settle for several times. Usually open air area is chosen for staying. This area will be cold on the night and hot on the day. This wood must withstand with this condition. So, strong tiny house construction is a must.

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Tiny Home Construction

Usually tiny house construction is prepared for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Living room is incorporated with bedroom by putting small sofa furniture here. On some other tiny house type, bedroom is placed on second floor. Here we can not place big bed. Only small bed we can place here. Small kitchen with simple kitchen appliances arrangement available here. We can store any stuffs on kitchen cabinets. Bathroom  usually is completed with shower and toilet. If we like watching TV, we can place small TV screen here.

Tiny House Construction Guide

Important element on this tiny house is the existing of stainless steel fireplace mantel. This is important appliance on this house. This appliance will be helpful appliance when cold temperature come. As we know some place has temperature colder than other place. Prepare this fireplace mantel is good decision. Besides that, a good tiny house is also completed with ceiling fan or air conditioning for preventing from hot temperature or summer season.

Tiny House Construction Materials And Parts: Tiny House ConstructionTiny House Construction Materials And Parts: Tiny Home ConstructionTiny House Construction Materials And Parts: Tiny House Construction Guide

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