Tips For Building The Right Wine Cellar In Your Basement

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Wine is worth commodity in this world. Wine with tens to hundreds years old age can be very expensive commodity. Some of them can be offered by auction system such as on Christie auction hall. Don’t be surprised if this price can be the same with expensive sport car. Because this is very worth commodity, when we will prepare for building a wine cellar, we must fulfill some condition for keeping these wine in good condition for long time storage. We can place this wine cellar on basement or underground place. No matter we will place them, this place must fulfill some conditions for best result.

Building A Wine Cellar

Temperature ideal for this wine cellar is in range 55 up to 58 degrees. Keep this condition in this range. We need temperature control instrument when building a wine cellar. This is critical task. Temperature under and above this range will damage our wine, so we must control it in appropriate way. Important for installing cooling system in this wine cellar. It’s for fixing temperature always in this range. Basement tend to be hot, because this place usually has bad ventilation. This cooling system is for keeping all wine in cold condition.

Building A Wine Cellar Underground

Other things we should consider for building a wine cellar are door, floor, rack and lighting. We will use this basement for storage these wines in very long time, so we must choose good door for this basement. Solid wood is better than plywood for this door. Install this door in perfect way. Make sure this door can be closed tightly. For flooring this floor, we can use ceramic, stone or wood. These materials are goods. Don’t place rugs or carpet on the floor. Rugs and carpet tend to dirt and on this rugs and carpet, mildew can grow. For many years time, this mildew can damage our wine. We must control cleanliness of this place every time.

Building A Wine Cellar In Basement

Rack for placing these wines must be designed in well construction. These racks will be used for tens years or more. Choose the hard wood. Bad quality wood is high risk for this wine rack. After years, this rack can be broken and all of wine bottles there can be fallen and break. Remember, this is worth commodity, so we must treat them in perfect way. Bad treatment will decrease their price and value.

Lighting is essential for keeping and protecting this wine cellar from humid condition that can damage our wine. Choose lamp with appropriate wattage. Place several lamps corresponding with dimension of wine cellar.

Tips For Building The Right Wine Cellar In Your Basement: Building A Wine CellarTips For Building The Right Wine Cellar In Your Basement: Building A Wine Cellar UndergroundTips For Building The Right Wine Cellar In Your Basement: Building A Wine Cellar In Basement

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