Trailer Home Design Ideas For Living In Open Air Area

In several countries, living in open air area are liked by most of people. These people can move from one place into other place wherever they like. They live in trailer home. This trailer home can be attracted by car. People with freedom soul like stay in this trailer home. This trailer home can be used for adventure. It’s interesting lifestyle for them. But, it will be challenging for them when they must decorate this trailer home interior. Place a lot of home furniture and appliances are impossible. This limited space automatically restrict us when we will decorate this trailer home interior. We need smart way for decorating this room. Before decorating, we must choose first a good trailer home designs for living home.

Trailer Home Designs

A good trailer home designs have adequate length and width size. Without this right size, we will meet difficulty to decorate it, even we are not feel comfortable stay here. Plan several rooms for bedroom, living room and kitchen. For saving place, kitchen and breakfast or diner place can be incorporated in one room. Bedroom can be placed on left side and right side. Left side for main bedroom. Here is completed with bathroom inside this bedroom. On the right side, we can develop two small size bedroom with one bathroom outside these bedroom. Or other alternative, we can place living room on the right side.

Trailer Home Decorating

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The main problem from these trailer home designs are limited space and security. As other limited space such as small house and apartment, we must able find smart way to handle this situation. Create loose or larger impression for improving comfortable feeling is the first task for decorating this trailer home interior. There are several tips here. First, use bright color and avoid dark color on painting, furniture and appliance choosing. Second, if possible create free space around furniture here. Third, build several window with clear glass and bright color window curtain. Fourth, avoid crowded atmosphere by placing a lot of trailer home furniture and appliances. To solve the last problem, we can prepare several cabinet or storage bin for storing some trailer home stuffs. It can make this room keep tidy. And for protecting from hot weather, we can install ceiling fan on this trailer home.

Trailer House Plans

Security is the next issue we must able handle when designing this trailer home. As we know, this trailer home is used in open space and open air area. There’s no fence around this trailer home. On the open air area, some bad possibilities can happen. For security purpose, this trailer home must be designed with strong and secure window and door system. This trailer home must also be designed in adequate height distance from the ground. It’s for preventing from wild animal, such as snake, rat, frog and so on.

Trailer Home Design Ideas For Living In Open Air Area: Trailer Home DesignsTrailer Home Design Ideas For Living In Open Air Area: Trailer Home DecoratingTrailer Home Design Ideas For Living In Open Air Area: Trailer House Plans

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