Unique And Creative Tiny Trailer

After Jay Shafer find tiny house, now tiny house become popular. This house experience development fast. Nowadays, we can meet tiny house in funny shape, such as on first picture below. Here is tiny trailer. This shape is funny such as kids toy, but this tiny trailer can be used by adult people. It’s also portable house. It can be brought any where easily. Just use car, pick up or truck to bring it. This tiny trailer also come in very tiny size. But don’t under estimate about this house. On these tiny trailer plans we will see all of features inside this house. There are two type of this tiny trailer: squidget and pop top. On pop top type is completed with convertible couch/bed, propane cook top unit, icebox/refrigerator, sink, water tank, vent/fan, AC, TV cable/connection and TV antenna.

Tiny Trailer Plans

This very tiny size possibly this house to be brought every where easily. We can compare with tiny house from Jay Shafer. This tiny trailer is easier and lighter to be brought to another place than Jay Shafer tiny house. But the weakness of this tiny trailer plans, it has less room space, so when on hot temperature area or summer season, people inside will feel crowded and stuffy. Different with Jay Shafer tiny house, here come with more room space. It’s more comfortable. These tiny house appliances are also more complete, such as there’s stainless steel fireplace, shower, toilet and stove. It’s such as living in conventional house but in minimize version when we try to live in Jay Shafer tiny house.

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Teardrop Trailer Plans

On the second picture, we will see another tiny trailer. These tiny trailer plans are similar with tiny trailer on first picture, but only come in different shape. It’s specially designed to protect from water. This is rain water proof with curvature shape on roof. Similar with tiny trailer on first picture, this house is also designed in very tiny size. We will not able to put more furniture and appliances here. It’s more movable than Jay Shafer tiny house but it’s less comfortable if we want to function this house as alternative house.

Small Travel Trailer Plans

On the third picture we see other tiny trailer type, but it comes on bigger size. It can called as small mobile trailer. This mobile trailer has shape modern, such as bullet. It’s more loose than tiny trailer on first and second picture, but it’s still less loose than Jay Shafer tiny house. Each of these tiny house has different advantages. If we look for smaller and movable house, these house can be good choice, but if we look for alternative conventional house, Jay Shafer tiny house is good choice.

Unique And Creative Tiny Trailer: Tiny Trailer PlansUnique And Creative Tiny Trailer: Teardrop Trailer PlansUnique And Creative Tiny Trailer: Small Travel Trailer Plans

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