Unique Designs Of Hand Built Homes

Do you know handmade wooden toys? This toys become special because it’s handmade product. This is not factory product. This is more artistic than modern toys. This handmade wooden toys can be functioned as room interior element, but we will not do the same with modern toys. The same with handmade wooden toys, hand built homes are special home. These homes are usually come in simple design. Different with common simple home architecture. Simple home architecture means modern home architecture style. These simple built homes are looked seem these homes are built without good design. But these are special thing. These homes are looked natural. It can be unique rustic home. Develop these hand built homes on rustic region is great. It will be unique traditional home. We can use it for home living or stay here on certain time, such as on holiday.

Hand Built Homes

These unique hand built homes can come in several styles. Normal hand built homes are made from wood sheets as its wall. These hand built homes are looked more tidy than hand built homes from intact cutting wood. The last type is very simple. Tidiness is not important here. This home is looked more artistic. Other hand built homes are tiny house. Some tiny house are factory product, we can call it tiny house commercial, but this tiny house can also be made by people. It’s included on hand built homes category.  Some of tree house can be called too as hand built homes. This tree house are built on a big tree. There’s wood stair to reach this home.

Hand Built Homes Building

If we want to feel new sensation, choose rustic home and tree house as hand built homes. It’s very unique for modern people on this time. Living in rustic home remind us grand ma home. It can bring the past atmosphere. This home type is right if it’s decorated with classic interior style. Rustic table with rustic bed are fit for this home. Traditional chair can be added. If we want rustic atmosphere and more unique, art folk table with traditional decoration ornament can be placed here. Wooden flooring tile is better for this home than ceramic. Hang picture with old style frame. And don’t forget to install antique hanging lamp. Antique hanging lamp with or without kerosene are wonderful for this idea.

Hand Made Houses

Tree house is another unique hand built. It can remind us Tarzan movie. If we build this tree house in area with a lot of big trees there, we can create the real living in green environment. This tree house can be developed in big tree with wood stair under this tree house. To make this tree house become eco friendly home, try to decrease the existing of modern furniture and appliance. Try to live in harmony here. Other tree house is built with the real tree inside this house. This real tree existing can be live interior element. And the last tree house type is built on area with a lot of trees around this house locations.

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Unique Designs Of Hand Built Homes: Hand Built HomesUnique Designs Of Hand Built Homes: Hand Built Homes BuildingUnique Designs Of Hand Built Homes: Hand Made Houses

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