Unique Home Style Of Micro Home

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Micro home is other alternative for tiny house. This micro home has dimension approximately 84 square feet. It’s very small for family. It’s only for one person. This micro home has simple floor plans. We will not necessary use home design or floor plan software for designing this micro home floor plan. This micro home usually come in rectangle shape. On this micro home, we can only put less furniture and appliance here. It’s such temporary home. We can use this micro home on certain time, such as holiday or when we look for fresh air near suburb region, forest, hill or lake. As tiny house, we can build it our self or buy this micro home. There a lot of micro homes for sale that we can select and choose. This micro home is not expensive. We can get one in affordable price.

Micro Homes For Sale

Because of this limited space, most of micro homes for sale come in simple floor plan. Usually This floor plan is similar with other tiny house, but it’s in less size. Here there are small bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom without bath tub. Bedroom can be incorporated with living room if necessary. But we can only place small living room furniture here. If we don’t want place living room furniture, a simple coffee table with rug under this table is enough. We can invite our friends for drinking coffee here. When we are cooking, we must be careful with fire, if this micro home is built with wood.

Micro Home Plans 

Micro home is attractive home when we will look for new atmosphere. Place it under the hill, near forest or near lake are good place choice. If we place it near lake, we can fishing here. It will be good activity for relaxing. After we get some fishes, then we can cook on the micro home kitchen. When night come we can turn on lamp with battery. If we place this micro home on the back yard, we can complete it with solar system device as electric power source. On micro homes for sale store, we can find some interesting designs about this home.

Micro Compact Home

This micro home is also good if we place on our back yard. It can be other alternative for tiny house, little house trailer and gazebo. If gazebo is built with open space. There are only a half wall on this construction, so on the micro home, all home parts are covered with wall. To decorate this home is easy. Just choose bedding, pillow cover, blanket, rugs, carpet, sofa, table in nature theme and bright color. We can use water, broom and mop for cleaning this micro home. Actually this home is less maintaining. It’s good alternative small home we can consider.

Unique Home Style Of Micro Home: Micro Home For SaleUnique Home Style Of Micro Home: Micro Home PlansUnique Home Style Of Micro Home: Micro Compact Home

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