Unique One Bedroom Cottage Plans On Rustic Region

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As we know, people build cottage for relaxing place. They only use this cottage on their spare time, such as holiday season, and so on. They don’t build this cottage to stay here every day such as on common home. Because of this reason, it’s better if we can develop comfortable cottage in cheap price, but without sacrificing comfort and artistic appearance of this cottage. It’s useless build cheap cottage, if we are not comfortable staying here. There are several ideas on how to build cheap cottage. For example, by looking for a place with cheap price land, building cottage with cheap materials or building cottage with simple shape and structure. We will use these options for developing one bedroom cottage plans.

One Bedroom Cottage Plans

Several factors we must consider here for creating one bedroom cottage plans are cottage architecture style, cottage building materials and cottage appearance. If we can combine these factors for building cheap cottage, it’s great. As we know, cottage is placed for relaxing. It’s better if this cottage has unique architecture style. Different architecture style with our main home is better. Why? It can creates new atmosphere when we are holiday on this cottage. It can replace common atmosphere for creating new atmosphere. Cottage with unique style, such as castle cottage, bamboo cottage and rustic cottage are unique ideas to be considered. If we can realize these ideas, it can creates unique cottage.

One Bedroom Cottage House Plans

From these three ideas; castle cottage, bamboo cottage and rustic cottage, we will analyze which will easier and cheaper. Whether stone for building castle cottage, bamboo for bamboo cottage and wood rod for rustic cottage are easy to be gotten. From these three materials, it seems that wood from rustic region is cheapest material. It can be good choice when we will develop unique and cheap one bedroom cottage plans. Besides that, build rustic cottage is not difficult. It’s like build little house trailer from log wood. We only arrange this wood rod become this cottage wall. Before arranging this wood rod, we must create first strong construction for cottage framing. After that cottage sheathing by wood rods can be done.

One Bedroom Cottages

On room inside, this rustic cottage can be completed with fireplace mantel from stone. Give adequate between this fire hole with cottage wall. This rustic cottage wall can be floored with wood or stone. Rustic bed and rustic furniture will be unique furniture in this cottage. This cottage is not only cheap, but it also unique. This rustic cottage will be looked beautiful if we build this cottage in environment with a lot of green trees surrounding this place. It will be healthy environment for relaxing place. A nice place for holiday time.

Unique One Bedroom Cottage Plans On Rustic Region: One Bedroom Cottage PlansUnique One Bedroom Cottage Plans On Rustic Region: One Bedroom CottagesUnique One Bedroom Cottage Plans On Rustic Region: One Bedroom Cottage House Plans

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