Useful Source For Understanding Tiny House

If we look for other alternative information source to know more about tiny house, we can visit tiny homes blog. This site is owned by Kent Griswold. This blog was born from Kent’s love for tiny house. Kent team are Christina Nelleman and Kasey March. Christina is a graphic and web designer. And Kasey is a copy editor. This blog is established since May 2007. If on Jay Shafer web, they offer tiny house book, tiny house plan, ready made tiny house and workshop, here on Kent blog, he only offer tiny house book and workshop. He sell tiny house book from several writter. When he make workshop, he ask popular person such as Jay Shafer.

Tiny Homes Blog


Here we can download free Tiny House Directory.Wit slogan Living Simply In Small Spaces, this site seems has goal to be tiny house directory where all of people who like tiny house can visit here to follow new information about tiny house. With 33,494 facebook members like this site, it shows thatthis site is popular. It shows that he compiles information from many source. It can reduce time for visitor if want to know about tiny house. They don’t necessary to visit many sites. Just visit this tiny homes blog is enough.

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Tiny House Design

Other tiny homes blog can be alternative is tiny home builder. This site is owned by Dan Louche. Different withKent Griswold blog, this site also sell tiny house book and ready made tiny house. If on Kent blog, he sell book by other writer, here this book is written by Dan Louche itself. He can write and he can buil tiny house. Dan give many options for people who want to buy tiny house. He has two designs can be chosenby buyer. Buyer can also modify this design. If they have their own design, Dan can build based on this design. Or Dan can design from start to buyer. It’s looked one stop service here.

Tiny House Living

But no sites will be sama with Jay Shafer site. Here we can know all of his product. He is founder and legend on tiny house development. He has ever been invited on Oprah program. He has proven living in tiny house for 12 years. And all of his products are designed andmade by him self. If he can proves that living in tiny house is safe, it’s also safe for everyone. Jay guarantees that all of his tiny houses are proven and tested will work on every real condition.

Useful Source For Understanding Tiny House: Tiny House DesignUseful Source For Understanding Tiny House: Tiny House LivingUseful Source For Understanding Tiny House: Tiny Homes Blog

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