Vardo, Beautiful Small Trailer Home

Vardo is one of portable house type from Jay Shafer company. Different with other portable types, Vardo can be incorporated with pick up or truck, while other types are assembled with trailer and then attracted by car, pickup or truck. By Vardo, we are not necessary to attract it. It will be part of car. Bring Vardo everywhere is easier than other types. We can call Vardo as small trailer home with high mobility ability. Vardo can be compared with other tiny trailer. As we know, tiny trailer has advantage on mobility. This house come in tiny size and unique design.  It’s also easier to be brought everywhere.

Small Trailer Home

Different with other portable houses, such as XS-House, Fencl or Popomo, Vardo is only sold on plan version only. We can not buy ready made version for this tiny house. It doesn’t matter, if we like Vardo, we can buy this plan and then following all of instruction there. Building Vardo is similar with other tiny house. This house is made with wood as dominating material. This plan consist 14 page, here content list are elevation drawing, floor plan, roof plan, wall framing, door detail, section drawing and basic componen. Building this small trailer home is easy. If we can build other type, so there are not problem for building Vardo.

Small Mobile Home


We can compare with other tiny trailer types. Both of these two types have advantage on mobility, because these houses are incorporated with car machine. There are not significant different on room capacity between these houses. Vardo can be decorated with decorations such as on tiny trailer. The only significant different on design and material. Vardo has design such as classic home. If other tiny houses have triangle roof, Vardo comes with curvature roof. This is classic small trailer home. Vardo appearance make us close to nature. We can still see natural wood pattern on this house.

Small Trailer House

Usually tiny trailer comes with unique and modern design. So, if Vardo is looked classic, common tiny trailer is looked modern. Vardo make us close to nature, tiny trailer repressent of modern lifestyle. Vardo is good choice if we bring into rustic region, pasture, under the hill, near forestand so on.And modern tiny trailer is good if we bring it on city region. Both of Vardo and modern tiny trailer can built based on plan itself. Principles for building these houses are the same.

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Vardo, Beautiful Small Trailer Home: Small Trailer HomeVardo, Beautiful Small Trailer Home: Small Mobile HomeVardo, Beautiful Small Trailer Home: Small Trailer House

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