Watching Jay Shafer Tiny House Tour Video

If we are interested with tiny house and want how feel living in tiny house, we can then buy this tiny house. On Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, we can various types that we can choose. If we like traveling or want to feel living in open air region, portable tiny house is the right choice. Here, there are several type such as XS-House, Weebee, Tarleton, Epu, Lusby, Walden, Popomo, Vardo and Fencl. These type come in different size and style. But, except Popomo and Vardo, these tiny house has similar design. It’s better before buying this tiny house, we watch Jay S tiny house tour first. Here we will find some useful information about how to live in a tiny house.

Jay S Tiny House Tour

We can find Jay S tiny house tour on video on Youtube. There are many videos there. On these videos, we will know living in 89 sq feet house. It give us new atmosphere. Living here is very simple, different with our daily living. In our daily living, our mind is busy by a lot of boring and confusing problems. Here we will look something new. Living in tiny house is interesting. It can be good alternative for relaxing on spare time, such as on holiday. It’s good if on certain time, we take time to stay on interesting place for relaxing. A good tiny house can be good partner for fulfilling holiday time.

Jay's Tiny House Tour Video

Or maybe, we look for tiny house is not for fulfill holiday time, to get relax atmosphere, but because we have no a house at all. It’s good too. Tiny house is for everybody who want to live more simple, more healthy and more happiness. And to get all of benefits, we will only less money. Besides that, this tiny house is less maintenance. It also save energy. A tiny house can be called as the answer of global warming issue and glass house effect issue. A tiny house is free from these two issues. Just watch Jay S tiny house tour and we will know more about tiny house.

Tiny House Tour

Jay Shafer is tiny house guru. He is founder of tiny house. He said that his business experience positive growth. For many reasons, people like to buy tiny house. Day by day, there are demand increasing of tiny house. He is also gotten award from his effort to create tiny house. Learning tiny house from the legend is the right way. We can learn more from him. If we don’t like portable house type, there are Box Bungalow or Cottage. There are several types for Box Bungalow, such as Gifford, Reavan, Anderjack, Stamper and Weller type. And Bodega, Loring, New Vesica, Harbinger, Whidbey, Enesti, Sebastarosa, B-53 and Z-Glass type for Cottage.

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Watching Jay Shafer Tiny House Tour Video: Jay S Tiny House TourWatching Jay Shafer Tiny House Tour Video: Jay’s Tiny House Tour VideoWatching Jay Shafer Tiny House Tour Video: Tiny House Tour

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