Where To Buy Tiny House

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If we want to have a tiny house, we can buy tiny house plan then build by our self or buy ready made tiny house. There are a lot tiny house builders we can find on Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Several popular companies are Tiny House Company ( Jay Shafer ), Little House On Trailer Company ( Stephen Marshal ), Tiny Home Builders ( Dan Louche ), and so on. If we are not sure to build by our self, even though there’s tiny house plan as guidance, we can order this house and this tiny house company will do it for us. Usually they need time at leat six weeks for finishing this job.

For example on tiny home builders. It is included on tiny house builders. This company is founded by Dan Louche on 2009. He sell tiny house plan. This is book with 64 pages and 107 colorful pictures as guidance for building tiny house. There are 23 chapter  in this book, including here:  framing, sheathing, strapping, house wrap, window and door, roofing, exterior siding, plumbing, electrical, insulation, interior siding and trim and flooring.  This book is completed as guidance. Complete with picture, tool and detail instruction. If we have little carpenter experience, this book will be useful guidance.

Interior Design Tiny House

But if we don’t like to meet some troublesomes when we try to build this tiny house, we can buy on this company. This tiny house builders have several options for us. We can choose from two existing tiny house there. If we need some modifications, they can modify this existing tiny house to adapt with our requirement. If we don’t like these existing tiny house samples and we don’t want to modify this design, we can ask them to design us from zero following our request. Or if we have our own tiny house design, we can ask them to build tiny house based on our design. It’s very flexible. Just choose which option we like.

Tiny House Man

This tiny house order can be finished on at least six weeks. Payment method is down payment at least 25% from tiny house price. As illustration, price of tiny house with 20 foot homes are started from $34.000. They have been experience in tiny house business.

But if we want to save money, we can buy only tiny house plan. Then follow all instruction here. Do it by our self this tiny house can save a lot of money. It can be understood, because all of price from all tiny house companies are not pure construction cost. But, it is mark up price. Other component, such as employee salary, tax and profit are added here. It’s so why, buy and build is cheaper if we build by our self. But, build by our self with some risks. Maybe, this tiny house result will not as good as tiny house company production. However, experience is important.

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