Your Room Will Be More Fresh And Wider By Creating Open Space Room

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Do you want to feel more fresh when you and your family are in home? Creating open space room is perfect idea. Open space room has many functions. This existing room makes our home become fresh, wider impression and we can enjoy look at outside view. This room concept make our room brighter  with sun light and fresh with wind blow entering our home. If our home design is modern design and our home is in location with beautiful view, this open space room will be valuable room. We can more relax and enjoy staying here.

Open Space Room

There are many open space room designs we can adapt for our home. We can create open space room in living room or family room. Both of these rooms are great as location for open space room. If our home dimension is big, we can create two open space rooms on living room and family room. There are open place rooms with big glasses placed for replacing wall function. Other type, place nothing on open space room. In the side that face view outside, there are no wall, glass or door. It’s real open space. Air and wind can free entering this room. The question here: which type is perfect with our home?

Open Space Designs

Look at first with our home layout. This layout will influence and determine the shape and type of open space room. For living room that space free space, it’s better if we put big glasses as wall functions because of security consideration. Let living room without glass or wall will provoke thief or robber entering our home.

Open Space Ideas

For creating wider impression, place only needed furniture on the living room. Avoid a lot of furniture or decorations here. Provide free space around the furniture for to make this room is looked loose. Simple and modern furniture will run well for this open space room.

We can place nothing for covering inside room on open space room if we create it on  family room or center room, as long as our home is surrounded by height concrete or brick fence. Make sure security factor is good here. If necessary we put thorny wire on our fence or other strong security system.

By placing nothing here for covering inside room, we can feel fresh air and wind blow from outside entering free into our family room. Put comfortable furniture, carpet, bookshelf and TV sets here. We will enjoy with our family here. If necessary we can combine this open space room with artificial water falls on the garden outside this open space room or inside open space room near the wall. Install water circulation for this water falls. Combination of fresh air, wind blow and sound of water falls will make us closer to nature.

Your Room Will Be More Fresh And Wider By Creating Open Space Room: Open Space RoomYour Room Will Be More Fresh And Wider By Creating Open Space Room: Open Space DesignsYour Room Will Be More Fresh And Wider By Creating Open Space Room: Open Space Ideas

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