Smart Way To Decorate Small Kitchen In Our Home

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Kitchen is important place and it’s one of focusing point in our home. Good kitchen interior will increase home value. It will be challenging for us when decorating this kitchen but we are restricted with limited space whereas we will put a lot of kitchen cabinets and appliances here. To solve this problem we can look for a smart way for arranging all of these kitchen cabinets and appliances. There are two places will play important role here: wall and floor. We can plan small kitchen makeovers if we can maximize these two places.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

First small kitchen makeovers factor is wall. What can we do with this kitchen wall? Paint this wall in bright color. Then create large window size. Besides that we can make this wall as additionally storage place. We can hang some kitchen appliances such as pot and basin here. We can nail some wood or stainless rack here for placing dishes, spoon, fork and so on. All of kitchen cabinets and appliances are arranged in line position following kitchen wall. These bright color paint, large window and kitchen cabinets and appliance arrangement will make our kitchen is looked larger than the real dimension.

Small Kitchen Remodelling

Now we can look at the floor. There are two ideas here we can explore for small kitchen makeovers. First, we can create kitchen island here. Put kitchen cabinet or kitchen table for cooking in the center of this kitchen, then give free space around this kitchen cabinet. This free space will make our kitchen be looked wider impression than real size. Second idea, we don’t create kitchen island, but we give extra free space in one side for moving around and walking. This extra space will create larger impression.

Small Kitchen Makeovers Ideas

We can increase this larger impression by installing ceramic floor tile in diagonal position. It’s more difficult than  install in normal position, but it’s one of great way for making this place is looked loose than before.

Smart Way To Decorate Small Kitchen In Our Home: Small Kitchen MakeoversSmart Way To Decorate Small Kitchen In Our Home: Small Kitchen RemodellingSmart Way To Decorate Small Kitchen In Our Home: Small Kitchen Makeovers Ideas

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