The Best Way For Designing Beautiful Small Kitchen

It will be challenging for you, if the space are of your kitchen is small, but you will build beautiful kitchen. Kitchen that can serve the main function, but it must pretty look. How arrange all elements in the kitchen without display crowded sight. Fortunately, there is still chance to own beautiful kitchen with small area. Before starting planning small kitchen design, there are three factors must be considered here: storage, kitchen appliances, lighting, floor and window.

Small Kitchen Design

Storage. Your small kitchen design must have ability to accommodate all appliances in your kitchen, so with this small area, prepare storage layout first for these all appliances. Put all cabinets, racks, stove, sinks and other appliances  around the wall. If you buy refrigerator, choose the medium space, don’t buy big space. It will spend extra space in your kitchen. For saving place, we can hang pot and pan on the wall. Place all glasses and dishes in the cabinets and racks. We can place small appliances in the wall if there are not place again in cabinets or racks. If necessary, install deeper counter too.

Small Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Appliances. Because your kitchen area is small, better to place only certain appliances that is used every day here. And when you buy kitchen appliance, don’t buy too much and selecting the appropriate size. For avoiding this small kitchen design from crowded sight impression, we can create an island in the center of kitchen. It has two functions: for moving around when cooking and create wider impression.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

Lighting. Good lighting will make your small kitchen become looked wider. Place window on the wall. Let sun light illuminate your kitchen area. Put lamp with cap on the roof. It will be looked good.

Floor. Other way to handle small are a problem is install tile in diagonal position. This position can create wider impression than ordinary position. No restriction for tile color here, but this color will be better if harmonized with kitchen wall color.

Window. Window has multi functions. It can comes sun light into inside kitchen, it can flows fresh air , it can throw all some from kitchen and it can reduce stuffy impression. Big size window will help all these functions.

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The Best Way For Designing Beautiful Small Kitchen: Small Kitchen DesignThe Best Way For Designing Beautiful Small Kitchen: Small Kitchen RemodelThe Best Way For Designing Beautiful Small Kitchen: Small Kitchen Makeovers

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