Bring Southwest Landscaping Style To Your Garden

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Southwest is a place with hot atmosphere. This place is influenced by Mexican and American culture. The regions that are included into southwest are Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. If we trip to these place, it can remember us about cowboy movies. This place has unique landscape design. Try to plan developing southwest landscape design is a good idea.

Southwest Landscape Design

If you live in southwest, you’ve known this landscaping style. This is the kind of landscaping that withstand with hot temperature up to 100 degrees. This temperature can destroy your general beautiful garden. The advantage of southwest landscaping can withstand from it. It can developed easily. It use less plant and water drainage. It only need a kind of plant that usually grow on the hot temperature are. For creating desert look, you can choose a combinations of rock to do that. At first time you plan  southwest landscape design, prepare this plant and rock to create perfectly southwest look.

You can create to a little road from stone arrangement on your yard. This is beautiful to add into your southwest landscape design. Plan where you will place cacti plant into your yard. Cacti is one of popular southwest plant. It can grow without a lot of maintenance, water. Fertilizer. It can grow naturally itself. It can grow their flower, no matter what the weather are. This plant can safe water into their body. People from old age was usually drink this water when they feel thirsty. We can watch this on some old cowboy movies.

The kind of flowers that used in southwest landscape are different with flowers from other region. This flowers must withstand with hoot temperature. And it usually has bright color, You can choose from several these choice: honeysuckle, bougainvillea or lantana. This flowers can easily be found on southwest region. So when you prepare southwest landscape design, prepare this flowers to complete your landscape planning. This flowers, including cacti can bring southwest atmosphere into your yard.

Even though this kind of plants don’t need much water for growing well, but the existing of water source can beautifying your landscape. We know that in the desert, we can not find water easily, so the existing this water source can create a new fresh look, such as oasis on the desert.   You can create waterfall for this purpose or creating small fountain to drain water. This water feature can complete the southwest atmosphere.

You can combine too with beautiful rose flower for the above described flowers. Several kind of rose can grow on hot temperature. It has beautiful form and has fragrance. Perfectly match for your new landscape. Even though the existing of this flower is rarely, but sometime we can fine this flower on southwest region. So don’t be doubt to use it.

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