Great Landscape Needs Great Landscape Lighting

Can you imagine, the music show without good lighting system? Well, this show will be looked amateur and ordinary. It’s not interested again. Great music show needs great lighting system, so does it with your home landscape. Your landscape lighting will complete the beauty of your garden. It will increase the visual appearance of your garden, especially when the night come. For company,  a good landscape lighting will improve professional impression. Now, we will learn how the best way for installing landscape lighting.

Installing Landscape Lighting

If we walk around in the night through elite residential region, we can see the beautiful view. This beautiful view arise from lighting influencing around the yard. The flowers in the garden will be looked more dramatic. Mixture of home architecture, garden and landscape lighting create wonderful view. This landscape lighting is not installed carelessly, but considering many factors for creating high impact. If we are interested with that atmosphere, we can try installing landscape lighting on our garden.

Installing Landscape Lighting Transformers

Before installing landscape lighting, there are some aspects we must consider:

1. Measure The Wide Of Area:

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Measure first the wide of your area. How much lamp will you need. This area dimension will determine the number of lamps. We can use less lamp with high power or more extra lamps with less power.

Installing Landscape Lighting Low Voltage

2. Choose Attractive Lamps:

This is main elements from landscape lighting system. Choose attractive lamps for decorating our garden. We can find on the store in various color, design and shape. We can combine white, green and yellow lamp color. If we place well, these lighting will make dramatic our landscape.

3. Plan Electrical System For This Lighting:

After we determine how much lamps we will use and where the positions of these lamps, plan electrical system for it. Wire channels must be installed well. It must be looked tidy. Plan too where we will put all electrical outlets. Is it use single outlet or multi outlet? If there are a lot of wire channels, it is better using multi outlets. Determine too where we will organize these wire channels? Will we use pipe, pillar or plant it in trench? The landscape will be looked tidy if we dig trench for this purpose

4. Place Transformer In Safety Place:

Place transformer in safety place and close to all outlets. Keep this transformer in proper position for maintenance and checking. Make sure that your kids will not reach it easily.

4.  Check Everything:

After finishing installing landscape lighting, check all of works. Turn on and off outlet. Are all lamps turn on and off well? Can all area be covered with these all lamps? Are the lamps positions in the right place? Look at your garden from different views. Is it looked beautiful now?

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Great Landscape Needs Great Landscape Lighting: Installing Landscape LightingGreat Landscape Needs Great Landscape Lighting: Installing Landscape Lighting TransformersGreat Landscape Needs Great Landscape Lighting: Installing Landscape Lighting Low Voltage

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