Step By Step Building Puppet Stage For Your Kids

Every kids like puppet. Puppet is imitation from human, animal, flower and other shape. With various of shiny color, it is fun things for kids. Sometime several teenagers like this playing too. If your kids like playing puppet, you can try make them a puppet stage. First step, prepare puppet stage plans. Take a paper and pencil. Start to drawing.

Puppet Stage Plans

First Step:

Create a window for your puppet stage plans in 25 by 35 centimeters and 35 by 90 centimeters on your cardboards and then cutting them using scissor or knife.  For the skeleton use wood. It is more strength than cardboard.

Puppet Stage Designs

Second Step:

Preparing wood for skeleton. Draw and cut in rectangular shape. There are several woods that you can choose. Actually, using plywood is good enough for this puppet stage plans.

Pvc Puppet Stage Plans

Third Step:

Paint this plywood and the dry up on the hot place so that it can quickly dry. Choose color that you like. Better if you use shiny color, such as yellow, pink, red, green, orange and blue.

Fourth Step:

Take a glue and paste every cutting plywood for preventing from swaying. Make sure all of size of plywood and cardboard in appropriate size.

Fifth Step:

Installing this stage wall into front with 5 centimeters hinges. Avoid a long of chains between every screw. For preventing this side so that it will not open up until 120 degree. This is the common angle standard for this side.

Sixth Step:

Put window board on 2.5 centimeters hinges on outside and using glue for pasting this both surfaces. This window must close and open easily.

Seventh Step:

Prepare and cut cloth such as velvet or other of cloth for covering this all plywood and cardboard. Don’t forget to put a rod into the curtain. Now your puppet stage is ready. Your kids will love it. For other shape and size you see these above pictures for inspiring or you can get other design by surfing online.

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Step By Step Building Puppet Stage For Your Kids: Puppet Stage PlansStep By Step Building Puppet Stage For Your Kids: Puppet Stage DesignsStep By Step Building Puppet Stage For Your Kids: Pvc Puppet Stage Plans

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