Tips For Keeping Your Garden From Deer

If you stay in the open place, such as in the edge of town and your garden or backyard are full of vegetables plant, so be careful with threat from animal gadfly. Some gadfly animal such as deer or forest pig can destroy your garden. They are nocturnal or night animal. They look for food in the night time after dark. Specially, when there is not enough food on their habitat, they will look for on other place. Maybe, they will come into your garden. Avoid this threat possibility with several tips. Keeping deer out of garden now before they destroy your garden.

Keeping Deer Out Of Garden

First Tip: Using Fence.

This is the most common effort for keeping deer out of garden. Put fence in appropriate height because deer can jump in wonderful height. Build in 2.5 meters high is enough. They are good jumper animal and they can run fast.  This fence can be built from wood or metal. Metal is the best because it has long time usage. Big deer can falls down wood fence. But if you will build wood fence, it’s ok. Make sure you use hard wood with enough depth when you insert the bottom of wood into the ground. It is better if you combine with thorny wire. Deer will be afraid to near it.

Keeping Deer Out Of Your Garden

Second Tip: Using Repellents.

This is funny idea, but sometime this idea work well.  Repellents are stuff for driving out deer that will enter into your garden. These repellents have natural character for keeping deer out of garden. We can create these repellents from the mixture of water and eggs. Spread this mixture around your garden. The deer will go if they feel this odor. Other repellents you can use is human hairs. You can ask this for your barber. Asking appropriate enough. Put these hairs into sack and put it around your garden. Similar with the effect of mixture of water and eggs, deer will go after know this existing hair. Keeping deer out of garden using this technique is unique. But the weakness, after several times, the deer will not afraid again with these repellents.

Keeping Deer Out Of Vegetable Garden

Third Tip: Using Fishing Line.

Place fishing line around your fence. It will obstruct the deer come in into your garden. It will run well if it is combined with several holes on the ground. So that your garden place will be trap place for all deer. They will afraid to come in. Cover these holes on the ground using leafs, grass or twigs. When the deer walk through this hole, they will fall down into the trap. It will surprise them to make them going away.

Fourth Tip: Avoid Building Sanctuary Place.

Sometime many people like buil sanctuary place on the garden for their kids playing. It is good idea if your garden is in the city. But if you stay in the edge of city or open place near forest, this sanctuary place will be interesting place for deer. They will like come in into your garden to look for sanctuary place for them. All animals will feel comfort living in sanctuary place. So, avoid this.


The best way for keeping deer out of garden is using fence. This is proven methods for keeping out that animal, including other animal such as forest pig.

Tips For Keeping Your Garden From Deer: Keeping Deer Out Of GardenTips For Keeping Your Garden From Deer: Keeping Deer Out Of Your GardenTips For Keeping Your Garden From Deer: Keeping Deer Out Of Vegetable Garden

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