The Best Ways To Install Stair Carpet Rods

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Carpet nowadays are used widely on every building, including home, apartment, office building and so on. On this modern age, the existing of this stuff on a building is very essential. It can improve interior look. It can switch using of wooden floor. It can be placed on the floor or stair. It can reduce slip possibility.  Building a home without placing carpet is not complete for more people at this time. Specially on the stair, it can be combined with stair runner rods.

Stair Runner Rods

Stair runner rods or carpet rods have function for holding down when walk on stair. It can avoid slip possibility. A kid or old people will need this. Nowadays, carpet rods are not only for holding down, but it use other functions, it can decorate the beauty of stair. Like a other decorative stuff, it can improve the appearance look. Place the shiny carpet rods, and your stair will look dramatic. It can be one of decorative choice for your room. Carpet rods now have similar function with picture or nautical wall clock. That all for improve the appearance of room.

Stair Runner Carpet

If you want to apply this stair runner rods, here the few guidance for you. All of these factors are important.


When you will purchase carpet rods, do it research first about your requirement. Do it using online or browse some carpet rods catalogue. This is custom stuff for custom condition. Look around your room, look at on the whole interior on your room. Make sure that your carpet rods choice will match with your interior style at all. Useless buying expensive carpet rods, if it is not fit with your need.

Stair Runner Installation

The Screw:

If you will install to bracket on your carpet stair, use the appropriate long screw so that it can be install correctly and strong. The short screw will have no strength enough to hold this bracket. And the too long screw will destroy the aesthetic of stair interior.

Drilling Equipment:

Before installing screws, better to drill first to make a hole. It can make easy to install screw and make more sturdiness the end result carpet rods installation.

The Right Size:

Actually installing carpet rods are custom task because every stairs have difference dimension, including length and width. Make sure measure this first before purchasing carpet rods on the store. Buying the wrong size will useless for your stair..

The Best Ways To Install Stair Carpet Rods: Stair Runner RodsThe Best Ways To Install Stair Carpet Rods: Stair Runner CarpetThe Best Ways To Install Stair Carpet Rods: Stair Runner Installation

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