Classic And Contemporary Gothic Dining Table: Which Is Better?

Gothic culture is inspired from the renaissance era. Era when Europe start to wake up from their darkness era. On that time Gothic architecture evolved deliberately. There are many wonderful buildings with incredible room interior style there. Until now, this Gothic heritage can still be seen in Europe. Nowadays, Gothic culture inspire interior designer to create room interior with Gothic style. We can adapt this Gothic style into our room. We can choose whether classic style or contemporary style for this Gothic style. Especially when we will choose classic or contemporary Gothic dining tables, which one we will choose?

Contemporary Gothic Dining Room Tables

The answer is depended on our taste, budget and our existing room interior style. Both of classic or contemporary Gothic dining tables are great choice. This style has high value, especially in classic style. It’s perfect reflecting renaissance era. This table is decorated with beautiful decorations and it’s completed with chairs from wood and high quality leather around this table. This decorations are beautiful, we compare it with Victorian furniture style. Victorian style is also amazing. It reminds Queen Victoria era from English.

Gothic Dining Room Table

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But, if we want to save money, contemporary Gothic dining tables are better choice, because usually this type is fabricated by factory in mass product, so it can decrease price. Besides that if our room interior style in modern style, it will not match with classic Gothic dining table, no matter how beautiful it is. It will be more fit with contemporary type.

Gothic Dining Room Chairs

The advantage of contemporary type than classic type, it’s easier to decorate contemporary type than classic. On this contemporary type, we use modern decoration that usually come in practicality and simplicity. It just seem plug and play technique. Choose fit decorations and then decorate this contemporary type. We can place it on dining room or kitchen.

For completing this contemporary Gothic dining table, we can place modern gothic chair and modern crystal hanging lamp. We can choose this contemporary Gothic dining table with chairs in dark brown or black color. To make this dining table and chairs become focusing point, we can paint our wall in white color. Choose curtains in white and black color combination. On the wall we can install big painting picture. Painting picture is one of Gothic characteristic. Repro painting or printing poster from Rembrandt works are great choice. On the room corner, we can put Gothic style statue or sculpture. All of these elements will complete modern Gothic atmosphere.

Classic And Contemporary Gothic Dining Table: Which Is Better?: Contemporary Gothic Dining Room TablesClassic And Contemporary Gothic Dining Table: Which Is Better?: Gothic Dining Room TableClassic And Contemporary Gothic Dining Table: Which Is Better?: Gothic Dining Room Chairs

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