Contemporary Chrome And Glass Table To Decorate Our Room

Chrome with glossy silver color is amazing. When it’s lighten, it can glow. And glass is modern element in human living. It’s widely used for a lot of products. What will happen if this chrome and glass meet in a table? It’s wonderful. Both of these materials can bring modern atmosphere. Wherever we place it, this table can be beautiful and elegance interior furniture. This chrome glass round table can come in many shapes, such as circle, oval and rectangle shape. Circle and rectangle are most popular shape. This table can be used as living room table, comfortable coffee table, stand alone furniture, bathroom vanity and so on. Chrome glass round table with legs crossed are unique.

Chrome Glass Round Table

For living room, we can have two ideas for placing this chrome glass round table. We can arrange our furniture in L, U or opposite shape. If we will arrange our furniture in L shape, we can choose rectangle chrome glass table. While chrome glass round table is good for U shape or opposite shape. We place sofa around this table or other modern chair. For completing metal and silver atmosphere in our living room, we can paint our living room with silver or grey color. Put ornamental grey rugs under this table. Table lamp with silver metal cap can be placed in cabinet near chair. Then hanging lamp with metal cap can be install above this table. It’s very great idea.

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Chrome And Glass Coffee Table

Now, look at above picture. This is beautiful coffee glass table we can put in our family room or our basement. Top side glass can be used for placing some glasses when we invite our friends to drink coffee. And bottom side glass can be used for placing books and magazine. This is simple and multifunction chrome glass round table we can use for enjoying coffee. If we don’t like oval or circle shape, we can choose coffee glass table with rectangle shape. There are many choices in the store.

Chrome And Glass Table

This coffee glass table can also be placed on basement. Our basement is wonderful place for relaxing with our family and friends. Drinking coffee here while listening music is very fun. Other advantage of this modern table, it can be stand alone decorative table. Without other furniture, this table can show its beauty. Try to placed in corner. Put beautiful art furnishing articles from resin and modern table lamp here. It can be wonderful sight in our room.

Contemporary Chrome And Glass Table To Decorate Our Room: Chrome Glass Round TableContemporary Chrome And Glass Table To Decorate Our Room: Chrome And Glass Coffee TableContemporary Chrome And Glass Table To Decorate Our Room: Chrome And Glass Table

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