Expand Ordinary Square Table Using Card Table Extender

Are you feel bored with your old ordinary square table on your dining or kitchen room? Is your table only for four person? And will you add extra space for other person again? Do you often invite your friends for playing card or drinking coffee, but they often bring more persons, and your table is not enough for additionally person? Does it come a little bit of problem for you? Well, the solution for this problem is you change your ordinary square table with card table extender. It can expand your old table in just a minute. It is fantastic, isn’t it? This new table can be used for persons up to eight persons. You are not worry again if you invite more people for dining room in your home. For inviting more persons using this card table extender, you don’t need extra space anymore. This is flexible table.

Card Table Extender

On the market, this card table extender presents in 48 and 54 inch diameter. This card table extender has ¾ inch thick for both of these diameter. It has weight 17 lbs and 22 lbs. The small card table extender is for six persons and the big one for eight persons. Choose which one that fit with your requirement. This card table is perfect for party too. It is match for using in your home or your company, specially when your company conduct an event.

Card Table Extender Top

Many person bought this card table extender for party, dining room, kitchen room and playing card. This table has light weight. It is easy for putting up. If you have hobby reading book or magazine, this card table will fulfill your activity. Using this table, it can accommodates more book and magazine than ordinary table. Using this table will not make your room become crowded. You only expand this table when you need. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Card Table Extender Round

Even though this table has light weight, but don’t worry, this table has sturdy construction. It is used woven polyester on the bottom and vinyl on the top surface. It looks like a leather on table surface. You can add a beautiful table cover and your guest will not know that their event using a card table extender.

On the store, this card table extender comes in several color choice. You can choose which color you like. This table is also easy to be cleaned. Just using water and cloth for cleaning it. Now, use this fantastic table for your every events. With the same space, you can invite more persons.

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Expand Ordinary Square Table Using Card Table Extender: Card Table ExtenderExpand Ordinary Square Table Using Card Table Extender: Card Table Extender TopExpand Ordinary Square Table Using Card Table Extender: Card Table Extender Round

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