Modern And Attractive Tables From Glass

As we know, glass nowadays is importance part of modern living. There are a lot of product from glass everywhere. This material is hard, water and scratch resistant, transparent and glowing reflect light. Perfect material for modern furniture such as table. Table from glass is beautiful. We can use it for decorating our living room and family room. It can also be favorite coffee table. We can find very creative glass table designs. This glass design for table is made from glass as dominating material. Other materials are used for completing this beautiful glass table, such as wood and stainless steel.

Glass Design For Table

On the first picture we see modern glass design for table. This table is used glass for the whole part. Creative table legs are made from glass stack in green color. This green color is wonderful. It brings freshness in this room. Besides that this color has healing effect for persons around it. On the second picture we can see very creative glass table design. Top side surface in oval shape with unique curvature shape as tables legs. This is artwork product. It’s very artistic. We can function this table for coffee table, but it also can be stand alone furniture. Try to place it on living room corner. Then decorate with flower in vase. It’s wonderful.

Glass For Tables

Modern dining time will not complete without this glass design for table. Usually glass for table is designed in rectangle shape. This shape make easy chairs and other dining appliances arrangement. Glass color for this dining table can come in various color, but black or transparent is favorite color. Black color is looked more elegant than transparent. We can focusing this dining glass table by installing hanging lamp above this glass. Place bright chairs color around this glass table is other great effort to make this glass table become prominent furniture.

Glass Dining Table

Maintain this glass design for table is easy. Different with wood table, this glass table is scratch resistant. We can clean it from dirt and dust by using fine cloth, water and cleaner. If we will use cleaner, check first chemical compound inside this cleaner. Make sure they will not destroy this glass table clarity.

If we have beautiful and elegance glass table, here simple tip for making it become more attractive. When arranging this glass table with other furniture, choose other furniture around this glass table in contrast color. It will help focusing this glass table from other element.

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Modern And Attractive Tables From Glass: Glass Design For TableModern And Attractive Tables From Glass: Glass For TablesModern And Attractive Tables From Glass: Glass Dining Table

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