Unique And Attractive Interior Style With Triangular Table

Circle, oval and rectangle table shape are popular table shape for home interior. It comes in various material, design, style and color. If we look for something new, unique, fresh and un monotonous shape, we can try to use triangular shape for our table. Triangular center table is unique, because this shape is rarely used for table shape. This table with three corner automatically influence how many people can use this table. Circle and rectangle shape can be used for four people or more. We can add people by choosing big triangular shape table, but this table will be looked strange. But we can still use this table as furniture interior variations.

Triangular Center Table

This triangular center table is not fit placed in living room, because most of living room furniture is never arranged in triangular position. We can use this unique table for drinking coffee and dining table. Similar with other coffee table, we can arrange it with or without chair. Place soft rug under this table, if we will not use chair. Some people like drinking coffee without chair. They feel more pleasant sitting in rug when enjoying this coffee.  If we use this table for diner, we can place three chairs around this table. It’s perfect ding table if we are only have one kid.

Glass Triangular Table

On the market we can find this triangular center table is made from glass, wood and stainless steel. Classic triangular center table is made use wood with several ornamental on this wood. Usually it’s painted with light brown, dark brown and black. It can be from plywood and solid wood. Triangular center table from solid wood is better and stronger than plywood, but it’s more expensive. Plywood can damage in humid atmosphere.

Tabletriangle Shaped Table

Most of triangular center table are made from glass on top side and wood or stainless steel as table buffer. We will not necessary put table cover here, because it can decrease the uniqueness of this table type. This table can be combined with chair in circle, rectangle and triangular shape. We can also use this table as stand alone decorative table. Place it on the corner. Put beautiful art furnishing articles and elegance table lamp here. It will be wonderful interior element in our home.

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Unique And Attractive Interior Style With Triangular Table: Triangular Center TableUnique And Attractive Interior Style With Triangular Table: Glass Triangular TableUnique And Attractive Interior Style With Triangular Table: Tabletriangle Shaped Table

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