Wonderful And Exotic Blue Sky Color On Your Table Theme

Turquoise is color of blue sky. This color has positive effect, such as freshness, relax, calm and excitement.  As we know there are relationship between color and mood. It’s also remind that sky is very wide. Choose this color for our room will make our room become loose. This is perfect color for party event. We can decorate our party room with this color as a theme. Our party will be full of excitement. This color is also represent high class lifestyle. Our party will be looked luxurious with this color theme. Just try to apply turquoise themed table for this party. There are two attractive ideas for decorating party table using this color as a theme.

Turquoise Themed Table

First turquoise themed table idea, we prepare circle or long rectangle table depended on how many people we invite for this party. Install turquoise color table cover for covering this table. Then for focusing this turquoise color table cover, we can complete this table with other party appliances. It’s very attractive if we place white dishes and then we cover  spoons, forks and knife with white ornamental paper. Glass can be selected in natural transparent color or in light blue color. All of chairs around this table can be given white cloth as its cover. It’s wonderful. This turquoise table color can be focusing point in this party decorations.

Turquoise Themed Table Ideas

Second turquoise themed table idea is the opposite of first style. On the first style we choose turquoise color table cover. Here we choose table cover in white color. Use this for covering this table and then choose other party appliances in turquoise color. This idea is also wonderful. On the first style, table cover will be focusing point, while in the second style, all of party appliances will be focusing point. We put turquoise color dishes here. All of spoons, forks and knife can be covered with turquoise color paper.       Party  glasses in turquoise color is wonderful for this second style. For covering all of chairs around this table, keep white for this cover.

Turquoise Themed Table Pictures

Near this table we can put tray in multi tiers arrangement. Here we put turquoise color ice cream and other ornamental turquoise color. Art furnishing articles in bird shape with turquoise color can be put here as additionally decoration elements. It’s very attractive. For tray itself, we can choose silver color tray. This color can be harmonized with white and turquoise color. Don’t forget to put beautiful flower in turquoise color vase. These are interesting ideas for your excitement party.

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Wonderful And Exotic Blue Sky Color On Your Table Theme: Turquoise Themed TableWonderful And Exotic Blue Sky Color On Your Table Theme: Turquoise Themed Table IdeasWonderful And Exotic Blue Sky Color On Your Table Theme: Turquoise Themed Table Pictures

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