Creative Wall Tiles Decoration Using Stick Tiles

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Several ways for decorating your room, including your kitchen and bedroom. In modern home now, it is usually using stick tiles. You can install this stick on the wall or other room in your home. Installing this will be challenge for you. It needs artwork, technical ability and you must make harmonize with the overall of your interior so that it can improve the interior appearance. Stick on wall tiles have many shape, pattern, color and size. So choose stick tiles that fit with your requirements. Here the simple step to do it.


Stick On Wall Tiles

First thing you should do, measure the space of your room. Measure length and wide accurately. Note in a paper. Measure too your room tiles size. The size of stick tiles and your room tiles must not be match. It is easier for combining if stick tiles and room tiles have the same size. You may use different size, but make sure the whole appearance later will look good.  This stick on wall tiles are part of the whole room tiles, so the harmonizing of this combination is important.

Stick Kitchen Tiles

Determine the amount of stick on wall tiles that you will install. Now go to material store to purchase this stick tiles. Choose the proper size like your wall tiles. It doesn’t matter if you choose different style or design for your stick tiles. It is good for variations. If you get the good one, it can improves the interior looking. Maybe you can combine your ordinary room tiles color with different color. For example, if your room tile is white, you can choose light brown for your stick tiles. If your room tile is green, you can choose  yellow for your stick tiles. This kind of combinations will change your interior room become more interesting and fresh than before. Don’t feel doubt to combine all color possibility. It is art work, not only technical work. There is not wrong and right to choose color. The only one restriction here is that the size of stick tiles must synchronize with your interior room.

Stick Floor Tiles

Every store has catalogue about this product. Browse it to find the perfect match and the right combination for your room.  If you are not sure, asking the store employ for advice. They will tell what you require.

Prepare certain concrete for placing this stick. It needs special concrete. You can purchase on the material store too. Blend this concrete with water in appropriate mixture. Mix it until become homogeneous mixture. Using hammer for peeling the part of wall surface. Then spread this surface with water.  Now put the mixture of concrete and water into this peel surface and placing the stick tiles here carefully. Hold with your hand for a moment. Until the position is stable you can release your hand. Make sure the stick tiles placing in the appropriate placing. Don’t be oblique.

Keep doing until your all stick tiles are installed. After this installation is finish, clean up the wall with water. This is for cleaning residual concrete that attached the wall. If necessary use sand paper for smoothing this wall surface. Repaint your wall with the same color if the former of concrete can not be cleaned up by water.

Now your wall has a new look. You can do the same process for your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Creative Wall Tiles Decoration Using Stick Tiles: Stick On Wall TilesCreative Wall Tiles Decoration Using Stick Tiles: Stick Kitchen TilesCreative Wall Tiles Decoration Using Stick Tiles: Stick Floor Tiles

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