Unique Styles Of Fingertip Towel Holder You Can Create

There are various of towel holder, such as fingertip towel holder and paper towel holder. Fingertip towel holder for putting towel and paper towel holder for putting paper such as tissue paper.  These both types have various shape, design, size and material. Fingertip towel holder can be placed inside and outside bathroom. While paper towel holder can be placed inside bathroom, water closet and kitchen. These both type are usually built using wood, stainless steel or galvanized steel. You find out it easily on the store. Many choice over there.

Fingertip Towel Holder

Fingertip towel holder can be found in household, hotel, apartment, hospital and other place. It has variations in shape.  It comes with one or two legs. The bottom part is in circular or straight shape. The height is around one meter. It can be placed stand alone or placed on the wall or door. The last type usually come in simply shape. It is only straight metal or wood that are screwed on the wall or door. If you look for movable fingertip towel holder, choose standing model with one or two legs. It is more flexible in usage. You can replace and move it including this towel when you will dry up your wet towel. The weakness of towel holder that is screwed on the wall or door, this screw can destroy the wall or door surface and the towel can make dirty both wall and door.

Fingertip Towel Holder In Chrome

You can look for this fingertip towel holder on the store. Browse catalogue and you can find the best one for your requirement. It comes in wide range of price depended on the complexity shape and material used for making it. Stainless steel and galvanized steel are more expensive that aluminum or wood, but they have more interesting appearance if compared other.

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Fingertip Towel Holder In Bronze

If you like fingertip towel holder from wood, you can create it easily. Prepare your tools: paper, pencil, nail, hammer, sandpaper, screw, paint and wood. Choose wood that has enough hard level.

Planning first. Draw your design. Choose the legs number of your fingertip towel holder. Is it use one or two legs. Determine the height of it. Usually determined around one meter height. Assuming you will create fingertip towel holder with two legs. Cut wood into two part. It will stand in vertical position. Now we need other cutting wood for holding these legs in the bottom. Cut wood in appropriate size. An then for placing towel, prepare cutting wood in three parts and arrange them into horizontal position. It will be looked triangle from side. We need one cutting again for connecting between two legs. Use nail and hammer for unifying these whole part. If you feel worry that this wood will be broke or crack, use screw for this purpose. After all of parts are unified, use sand paper for smoothing these surface. Last, paint this fingertip towel holder with interesting color. Chose red or pink, it will make fresh your room. Adding funny accessories on the top left and right of cutting wood. The kind of funny accessories you can choose, for example swan, bird, flower shape that you can buy on the accessories store. Use glue for pasting. Now your fingertip towel holder become unique and have funny look! You can create other design if you wish. Look at these pictures for inspiring.

Unique Styles Of Fingertip Towel Holder You Can Create: Fingertip Towel HolderUnique Styles Of Fingertip Towel Holder You Can Create: Fingertip Towel Holder In ChromeUnique Styles Of Fingertip Towel Holder You Can Create: Fingertip Towel Holder In Bronze

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