Waste Water Management With French Drain

French drain is most common draining system in household. Usually it made by a ditch or hollow pipe with rock or gravel cover it. Water from household flow here. It is normal process. The problem is this draining system usually is built near home foundation. And the dangerous threat come from water leaking from this draining system. When the water frequency flowing here are too much, it can cause the soil condition become wet. After long time usage, this condition can reduce the soil strength to hold home foundation.  This foundation can be cracked and damage. It is dangerous situation. The wall that is held by this foundation can fall down sometime. So, understanding well the principles how to make a French drain.

How To Make A French Drain

However, good French drain can help to minimize the bad threat from foundation damage if compared without using this draining system. Without this, water directly cause wet soil. With French drain, the water flow through this channel. As long as there’s not a lot of water leaking, this draining system can help foundation from damage causing wet soil condition. We will feel this advantage when the rain season. The amount water are not directly seep into the ground but flow through this French drain.

When the rain season come, water fall and seep into the ground. It can be expand the soil up to more than 30%. Because of this expanding, the strength of this soil become reduced. With French drain, this possibility can be eliminated. Water are not directly seep into the ground, but flow through this drain, so the soil condition relatively not change. We can safe a lot of money using this French drain. Without this, we can spend a lot money for repairing home foundation. Actually, building French drain is inexpensive. The construction is simple. We can do it our self. If you are not sure to do it yourself, you can hire professional installer that make sure that everything will run well. There are several companies that offer this service. Surfing on internet if you wish find them.

How To Make A French Drain System

This draining system can be made using several combination of materials, that are rock, gravel, hollow pipe and textile. This textile is useful for preventing leaking possibility. There are several variation of this draining system:

Filter Drain:

It has function for taking care of flowing water on the ground.

Collector Drain:

It has function for flowing water from surface and water from ground. This collector drain still need a certain filter.

Dispersal Drain:

It has function for replacing water from household septic tank.

Fin Drain;

It has function for flowing water through perforated pipes.

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Waste Water Management With French Drain: How To Make A French DrainWaste Water Management With French Drain: French Drain Perforated PipeWaste Water Management With French Drain: How To Make A French Drain System

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